Nail Care

Polish Prices

File and paint -15 mins£15.00 –
Luxury Manicure – 45 mins£25.00

Gel Polish Prices

Gel polish£23.50
GMS* Gel Polish – 30 mins£25.00
Gel Remove Reapply – 45 mins£23.50
Luxury Gel Manicure – 45 mins£35.00
Gel Nail Repair – 15 mins£2.00
*Give me strength is added to help clients who need extra support and structure. This give longevity to your Gel polish
Removal (free if applied by revive)£5.00

Nail Enhancements Acrylic

Full Set – 90 mins£46.50
Infills – 75 mins£30.00
Overlays – 75 mins£35.00
Removal – 15 mins£10.00
Nail Repair – 15 mins£5.00
Magpie Build Me Up (BIAB) is a lightweight builder gel in a bottle…
Give Me Strength’s stronger sister! Giving you super strong but flexible enhancements or overlays!


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BIAB Prices

Biab Overlay with Gel – 75 mins£30
Biab Overlay NO gel – 60 mins£30.00
Biab French – 15 mins£5.00
Biab infill – 75 mins£32.50
Biab Extensions – 90 mins£46.50
Biab Repair – 15 mins£2.00
Biab repair extension – 15 mins£5.00