Anti Wrinkle Treatments

How long does Anti Wrinkle treatment last?

This varies client to client due to lifestyle factors and how quickly their body breaks it down. On average, you can expect results to last around 3-4 months.
Full effects are seen from week 2. It is at this time, I would arrange to see you for a review. A review gives me the opportunity to see how the Anti Wrinkle has settled and if a top up is needed. A top up would be offered if some areas need more work however, it is not always essential. If a review does not take place in 2 weeks, a small charge will be incurred for the top up.

How many areas of Botox do I need?

This will be discussed at the consultation stage and will be based on your desired results and what is achievable.

Options available are:

Botox Area – £155* 
Crows feet or frown lines (Forehead cannot be treated alone as this may cause a browdrop)

Botox Area 2 – £180*
Forehead and frown lines, or frown lines and crow’s feet

Botox Area 3 – £200*
Forehead, frown lines and crow’s feet

* For Male Botox areas 1 and 3 an Additonal £20 charge is required. For Male Botox  Area 2 there is a £15 surcharge requuired.

Dermal Filler Treatments

Lip Filler – £180
If you weren’t blessed with full lips, or you suffer from asymmetry, lip fillers can be the perfect way to restore balance, increase volume and accentuate your cupid’s bow. Lip filler provides instant results but please bear in mind that some swelling and bruising may be present and the lips may feel lumpy for around 2 weeks.

People often worry about the size of the lips post treatment and the amount of filler that will be injected, however, we discuss all of this in a full consultation to make sure we are both happy with the desired outcome. An aesthetic cream will be used prior to injection to make the treatment as painless as possible. Lip fillers usually last anything from 6-9 months depending on your lifestyle and how quickly you metabolise the filler. All pre and post care will be given prior to treatment

Tear Trough – £270
Also known as the ultimate in eye rejuvenation. This is perfect for clients who suffer from dark circles under the eye area or those who have loss of volume. As we age, we lose collagen and fat in the face making your tear troughs hollow out. The hyaluronic acid filler plumps the skin and adds more volume, helping to reverse the clock and make you look and feel more youthful. 

Giving instant results which only improve over the course of 2 weeks as the filler settles and lasting anything from 6-12 months. You may experience some slight bruising but the procedure is practically painless.

Marionette lines/Nasolabial Folds £180 per area
Marionette lines (run down from the corner of the mouth) and Nasolabial folds (crease running from the side of the nose down towards the corner of the mouth) can have an ageing effect on the face as they can give the appearance of a sad face or big creases next to the cheeks. Using dermal filler to treat these lines has a very uplifting effect on the face and helps to soften the ageing process, giving a refreshed appearance.

Cheek Contour £225 1ml/ £325 2ml
Cheek fillers improve the area of your cheek bones, especially if you have sallow, hollow cheeks or you are losing skin elasticity via ageing. This procedure is not only practically painless, but lasts around 6-12 months and helps to balance out facial symmetry. For younger clients, this can help you achieve that high cheekbone look.

Chin Enhancement £180
This procedure changes or enhances the shape of the chin, whether its to smooth an unwanted dimple, bump or to change the shape completely. This will help your chin to be more in proportion with the rest of your facial features and provide facial symmetry. Instant results and lasts around 12 months.

Jawline Contouring £320 2ml
Jawline fillers help to create definition, symmetry and balance. As we age we can lose volume in the lower part of the face. This treatment can also sharpen a jawline if you have a naturally rounder face. This sharpens the angle of the jaw, creating a slimmer looking face. Jawline Contouring usually lasts around 9-12 months.